We are a small business that hand make ancient Roman legion Vexillums ( Roman flags) and banners. I am also working on selling other ancient roman items like statues and accents. 

I am a professional ancient Roman military re-enactor with Legion III Cyrenaica, Century-I Cohors-II.  The Legion is out of the northeastern part of the USA.

I have been re-enacting for 10 years and thanks to my brother legionaries from all over the world, we have researched a lot to make sure the Vexillums (flags) are what they are supposed to be like. As you know, it is very hard to say for sure. We have come pretty darn close. 

I do not use printing machines to print. The ink is a heavy delta arcrylic fabric paint. The fabric is a heavy duck cloth. I use these Vexillums on my campaigns and they have lasted for years. 

I make all flags to order. I do not have bunches of them hanging around.  So if you order, please give me some time. 

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Legio. III Cyreaica at Maryland event.

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