Information about, Rome She Wolf and Romulus and Remus.  S.P.Q.R.

This is a Roman Legion Flag (legion standard). The Roman Legions used these flag to identify their Legions. The flag has the SPQR which stands for "SENATUS POPULASQUE ROMANUS" Senate People Of Rome and the SHE WOLF of ROMULUS and REMUS. They are the founders of Rome. Romulus killed Remus and took sole power of Rome.  This was the symbol of Rome and still can be seen on the manhole covers of Rome today. The flag is made of a heavy red linen like cloth which is sewn by me and is hand painted with acrylic fabric paint by me. It is 20" x 26"  and has 4" gold fringe and a 1/2" wood dowel and metallic gold rope. Each flag is made to order so please give me a little time. The flags are made to look as they did 2000 years ago. They are not made by machines, only me.